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Tamil is the language created by the GOD

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1stlanguage site explains about the importance of Tamil language and its priority to create awareness among the people. It has been designed to respect and appreciate the Tamil language and the history of Tamil people. Still many questions arise on tamil history but there are no exact answers for all, particularly like how the Language was formed? Who created the Language? Is Tamil the first language in the world? When and where it was formed? Through this site you get answers for all these questions.

There are many languages in the world but the first and the best language is Tamil. Nowadays people show more interest in learning about Tamil language. Many Tamil literatures are translated into other languages. One of the best literary works is Tirukkural it was translated into many languages.

The best Tamil translator G U Pope (George Uglow Pope).He was interested to learn about Tamil language. He spent 40 years in Tamil Nadu and translated Tamil texts into other languages. His popular translations includes those of the Thirukkural and Tiruvasagam. Thus the Tamil language is still in use today. It is the language with cultural values. In this site we have given the details about Tamil language and its origin, human culture and its civilization, Geographical distribution of Tamil language, Tamil Scripts, Prides and Proof of Tamil Language and We have also given interesting facts about Tamil language.