Tamil Culture origin in Kumari kandam

"Tamil civilization existed in the world even before there was sand and stone"


Kumari Kandam (Lemuria Continent) is one of the lost continent, it is located in the south of present-day India, in the Indian Ocean. In the 20th century, Tamil writers started to narrate in their works about the submerged continent "Kumari Kandam”. They explained that Kumari Kandam was ruled by the king pandiyan and they held two Tamil sangams.

The Tamil texts are the main source of the sub-merged landmasses especially those to the south of Kanyakumari. The western extent of this sub-merged landmass is mentioned in Sanskrit texts which describe many submerged cities in this region.

References to Kumari Kandam


silapathikaram in its third book Madurai Kandam (Verses 17-22) states that the sea took the Pandya land that lay between the rivers Pahruli and the mountainous banks of the Kumari. Subsequently the Pandiyan king conquered lands belonging to the Chola and Chera kings.

Silipathikaram Chapter 20: 17–20:- The River Prahuli, and the mountain Kumari, surrounded by many hills, were submerged by the raging sea.

Commentary on silapathikaram

A 12th century commentator on the epic named Adiyarkkunallar, described the silapathikaram reference as a land to the south of the present-day Kanyakumari, which stretched for 700 kavatam from the Pahruli river in the south to the Kumari river in the north. A hill named Kumari hill stood along the banks of Pahruli River in the south.


In the Tamil epic known as the Manimekalai (the sequel to silapathikaram) there is a statement that the ancient port-city of Kaveripumpattinam (Pukaar) had been flooded by the sea. This event could be linked with the deluge mentioned as linked with Sangam.

The 49 lands

This land was divided into 49 country (probably of the size of small districts) between Kumari river and Pahruli / Prahuli / Pakruli river. These are named as 7 coconut territories, seven Madurai territories, seven old sandy territories, seven new sandy territories, seven mountain territories, seven eastern coastal territories and seven dwarf-palm territories. All these lands, together with the many-mountain landed that began with Kumari-Kollam, with forests and habitations, were submerged by the sea.

Two of these submerged country of Kumari Kandam were supposedly parts of present-day Kollam and Kanyakumari districts.

According to the literary proof if the first Human civilization was originated in kumarikandam. Hence we can say that the Tamil language was also originated in Kumarikandam.

Therefore the Tamil language has one of the oldest written traditions in all of Asia and boasts a rich body of literary work dating back 2,000 years.

Lemuria kumari kandam

Sunken LEMURIA continent

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