Development of Tamil language in ancient days

"There are many wonders in the world. One of the best wonders is Tamil language"

The father of Tamil language is Agathiyar & the chairman of Tamil Sangam. Now at present “Madurai” is one of the places of Tamil Sangam the earliest Tamil writing is attested in inscriptions and potsherds from the 5th century BCE. The history of the Tamil language can be divided into three primary periods of development: Ancient Tamil, Intermediate Tamil and modern Tamil. Tamil Sangam is presented in old period and it is divided into three that is First Sangam, Second Sangam, Third Sangam.

Sangam Place of Organisation Chairman Kingdom Books
First Thenmadurai Agastya Pandiya No books survived
Second Kapatapuram Earlier - Agastya Later - Tolkāppiyar (a disciple of Agastya) Pandiya Tolkāppiyam (author - Tolkāppiyar)
Third Madurai Nakkeerar Pandiya covers entire corpus of Sangam Literature

There are many Tamil conferences conducted nowadays that is called “The World Tamil Conference “it is a series of occasional conferences to discuss the social growth of the Tamil language. Each conference is attended by thousands of Tamil enthusiasts around the world. Conferences were hosted in various cities in India, as well as world cities with a significant Tamil population. The conference aims are to promote the heritage of Tamil language. There are 8 world Tamil conferences hosted in India, Malaysia, France, Sri Lanka, and Mauritius. Recently in 2010, Tamil conference was held at coimbatore in Tamil Nadu.

In ancient days the Tamil language was disseminated by the Tamil Sangams. Now it is disseminated by the world Tamil conferences.

Official title Host city Host country Year
1st World Tamil Conference Kuala Lumpur malaysia flag Malaysia 1966
2nd World Tamil Conference Chennai indian flag India 1968
3rd World Tamil Conference Paris france flag France 1970
4th World Tamil Conference Jaffna srilanka flag Sri Lanka 1974
5th World Tamil Conference Madurai indian flag India 1981
6th World Tamil Conference Kuala Lumpur malaysia flag Malaysia 1987
7th World Tamil Conference Port Louis mauritius flag Mauritius 1989
8th World Tamil Conference Thanjavur indian flag India 1995