Modern Tamil

Tamil Language is a Dravidian language that is Spoken /predominantly by the people of Tamil Nadu

Modern Tamil Is first started in the year 1600 .The first changes is showed in the work as Nannool. It is the standard normative grammar for modern literary Tamil.

Colloquial Tamil shows several changes. The negative conjugation of verbs has fallen out of use in Modern Tamil. Several sound changes have also occurred. Changes in written Tamil include the use of European-style punctuation. The syntax has also changed as new aspectual auxiliaries have been introduced. Several Sanskrit loanwords have been replaced by Tamil equivalents.

Modern era in Tamil literature basically is counted from the eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries, which very much was into a maturity phase, looking towards a glinting future, as the genres had passed their considerable phases from ancient times. The 18th and 19th centuries of Tamil Nadu had remained witness to some of the most intense changes in their writings One of the greatest of Tamil poets from the modern Tamil period was Subramanya Bharathi.

A literary giant of the 20th century .He brought in an innovative poetic style in the modern era of Tamil literature, encased within a fairly inflexible style of Tamil poetry writing, which had espoused the rules set in the long-back Tolkaappiyam (a treatise on the grammar of the Tamil language and the earliest extant work of Tamil literature). His puthukkavithai (literally standing for 'new poetry') broke the rules and lent poets the license to articulate themselves neatly.

Subramanya Bharathi also had penned Tamil prose in the form of commentaries, editorials, short stories and novels.

History of tamil scripts

History of Tamil language

Chinnaswamy subramanya bharathi

Chinnaswamy subramanya bharathi